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Brightflash Illuminating Liquid Concealer Nr. C1


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SKIN TYPE: all skin types.

COVER: light and illuminating.

FORMULA: formula with vitamin A, E and hyaluronic acid. Moisturizing, anti-age, brightens and protects the skin. Sliding and adherent writing.

DESCRIPTION: fluid corrector pen created to give gloss to the different points of the face, minimizing dark circles, small wrinkles and shadow areas. Functional packaging with practical brush applicator. Laying before the foundation performs a corrective action, after the foundation a lighting action.

APPLICATION: Rotate the base of the packaging to allow the product to position itself in the brush applicator. Apply small amounts of product by fading on the area to be perfected, with the help of a latex sponge or with the fingers. Alternatively it is recommended to use brush Nee n. 4 .